Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. With danger mounting around every corner, Billy has to decide whether to head directly to trial or take his chances with a continuance. Lucy mentions the visit of the man in black to Cooperman, and reveals that his name is Karl Stoltz, but Cooperman denies knowing him. Gabriel tells Tom to have Julio commit suicide and leave a note, and to keep Marisol happy despite this, because Gabriel needs her to keep his access to the ports (for his drug trade) and Tom needs her for his dream of changing the LA skyline. Suspicious, Billy opens his trunk to find Stoltz's corpse. Billy sees one of his captors at Marisol's victory celebration. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Marisol visits Billy and reveals that she is a friend of Oscar and Julio, and asks him to continue checking up on Julio. Billy grills Cooperman regarding his knowledge of Karl Stoltz, which he states can be proved by Lucy's testimony. Goliath S3. Clayton breaks up with Patty because she endangered him by stealing Roman's phone. The man in black continues his plan by informing the DEA that Billy organized the drug shipment the fishermen were caught with. Letts finds out that Ryan used to work on a top-secret project. Marisol later takes Billy to meet her brother Gabriel. Another one of his early screen roles was as a cast member on the CBS sitcom Hearts Afire and in 1989 he appeared as an angry heckler in Adam Sandler's debut film Going Overboard. Billy tries to get the people in the house to talk, but has little luck except a few cryptic phrases. Cooperman anticipates that Billy will file a wrongful death lawsuit and asks Michelle to have Lucy start drafting a response. 2016, Amazon, 8 episodes Cooperman makes Lucy first chair, which does not sit well with Callie. Through death threats, harassment, and trumped up arrests, Billy embarks on obtaining justice, and it is one hell of a ride. A disgraced lawyer, now an ambulance chaser, gets a case that could bring him redemption or at least revenge on the firm which expelled him. Ned is put on the stand, and testifies to Borns Tech's design and manufacture of cluster bombs, an illegal form of munitions. Cooperman tells Michelle to tell Billy that he wants to meet him. Roman's odd behavior starts worrying his wife Mary, as well as Danny. Mayoral candidate Marisol Silva is pressing the LAPD and the DEA to be tough on gangs and cartels. Danny tells Tom that Roman is the snitch. Marva, who is calling numbers from Roman's phone on Patty's behest, gets through to Danny's phone as it is being bagged into evidence. However, Callie makes him admit that the cluster bomb model and blueprints found in the time capsule did not have the Borns Tech name or logo on them, and could have been made by anyone. Billy tasks some townspeople to protect Janet and tries to find a way to the border. Billy is able to get under Lucy's skin at the deposition, forcing Letts to block Cooperman out and ask Callie to take over. He visits Patty to recruit her for the case, and she reluctantly agrees. Thornton's first screen role was in 1988 South of Reno, where he played a small role as a counter man in a restaurant. She goes to visit Julio at the prison. Denise returns from visiting her mother, who now lives in London. Danny has Gabriel assassinate Tito. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Gabriel Ortega, head of the La Mano cartel, threatens Tom and demands that he make sure that Julio is convicted without attracting any more attention. Judge Keller deems the case a complex one, which should be settled through arbitration under the guidance of a complex litigation manager, which he happens to be. Billy McBride is a washed-up, ambulance-chasing lawyer who spends more time drinking than he does meeting his clients or with his estranged family. With Billy Bob Thornton, Tania Raymonde, Nina Arianda, Diana Hopper. At the height of the Cold War two Russian agents pose as your average American couple, complete with family. Tom stalks Brittany. JT tells Billy that Tito was Roman's CI. I never questioned him as a lawyer or didn’t buy his portrayal. Danny is confronted by the broker and the henchman, and commits suicide after realizing he cannot get away. Letts watches on as the FBI raids Borns Tech, while Corey is arrested as he is about to leave the country. Patty tells Julio about the plea deal; he tells her that the gun from the video was his brother's, and that it is currently with his girlfriend. Billy asks a court clerk to help him get his case back up before the judge in the state court, refiles the case in federal court under the High Seas act, and meets with Patty and convinces her to help him get Rachel back on board. It is revealed that Roy left his entire estate to Stephanie. He walked out of the firm and became an alcoholic after a murder suspect he got acquitted on a technicality went on to kill an entire family. Billy Bob Thornton shines as a washed-up attorney in David E. Kelley's familiar Amazon legal drama. [3], On June 25, 2015, it was reported that Kevin Costner was in talks to join the series in the lead role of Billy McBride. Gabriel demonstrates his punishment technique of forced amputation. Thornton’s character reminds me a bit of his role in Bad Santa, but without the comedy. Michelle suspects that Cooperman had puppeteered Corey's responses, thereby making sure that he himself would be called to the stand. Billy asks that Cooperman be made to testify, and Cooperman is thrilled at the chance to face off against Billy. Billy confronts Roman and tries to turn him. [41] Among Amazon Prime subscribers, season two scores 2.7 out of 5 stars with more than 4,700 reviews posted, 43% of which are rated one-star. In the drama series, Billy Bob Thornton portrays Billy McBride, a defense attorney who attempts to find personal and professional justice in Los Angeles.
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