So long as it is entered into with good will and joy, the gender doesn't make a difference. [2] Malyck, who was born from a different tree, cast doubt upon the accuracy of this explanation, and the matter is considered unresolved. On difficult decisions, the Pale Tree will call upon the Firstborn and any sylvari who may be a specialist in the situation(s). Sylvari are usually honest, direct and focused, taking most things at face value. The tree, white and sparkling, continued to grow. They called themselves the sylvari, and these "firstborn" were only the beginning of a widespread emergence, all born from the same massive tree. Romance is practiced among the sylvari, disregarding gender between those involved. Various sylvari act as ambassadors to the other races and will send reports to her so that she may judge what to do. I named my Sylvari Requiem. All assets, page layout, visual style belong to ArenaNet and are used solely to replicate the original design and preserve the original look and feel. ... (The Green Knight for example) so I used that as a bit of a starting point and a random name generator. Despite the kick start of knowledge from the dream they still seem naive as there are some matters which seem beyond their comprehension. Durante la creación del personaje deberemos seleccionar en que Hora del díanació nuestro personaje. The Pale Tree leads the sylvari; she manifests a spectral being in a chamber at the base of the tree to communicate with others easily and give her guidance and instructions. And, as others have stated, check out some Arthurian names, along with Irish, Breton, and Pictish names. I write stories myself, and one of the main characters has that name. Whether this applies to limbs or just petals, is uncertain. Satu means fairy tale or fable and I thought that was an appropriate name meaning for a mesmer. After finding several names I liked and finding them all taken I decided to use a surname despite their sparse use among sylvari. A single seed as big as a man's fist, planted in the ground of a ruined village along the southern tip of the Maguuma Jungle, began a centuries-long gestation—and heralded a new age. After the emergence of the secondborn, sylvari continued to sprout from the Pale Tree at an increasing rate. But I didn’t really think about it, as my usually used Cayline sounded fine to me as Sylvari name, only it was already taken so I was forced to use a surname. It’s a combination of two names form a fantasy book I recently read and somehow found them fitting for a Sylvari. Sylvari morality and ethics are based on those of the Pale Tree. Sylvari tend to have Celtic names. Sylvari racial skills focus on support with themes of plant manipulation. As Mordremoth's power grew, soundless sylvari such as Aerin began to fall under its influence, and eventually its lieutenant the Shadow of the Dragon staged an attack on the Pale Tree herself, seriously weakening her and inhibiting her ability to protect the rest of the sylvari. Jump to navigation Jump to search. (name picked was Nyx Forest, NightAngelX is my human’s name). The Sylvari are a species encountered in Guild Wars Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2. Accompanied by the nascent Nightmare Court, they tracked Wynne down and found her consorting with the peaceful Maguuma centaur tribe. Nightshade is not his family name or clan name or anything like that, it’s kind of like a 2 word first name. Sylvari names, as well as place names in their starting zone Caledon Forest, are generally inspired by Celtic (Irish, Scots Gaelic and Welsh) names. They can be decided upon once Guild Wars 2 … From the May 2007 issue of PC Gamer: "A young race of nature spirits who have awakened with the rise of a new age in Tyria, Sylvari are beings of light, uncorrupted by knowledge of sorrow, suspicion or hatred. Sylvari. These new sylvari were called secondborn, and their coming marked a turbulent new chapter in sylvari history. When a new one emerges, a portion of this knowledge remains with them, including basic wisdom and understanding from the Pale Tree and a small fraction of what other sylvari have seen and experienced, though this rarely includes specific memories. My sylvari mesmer is named Sarvyinea. From Guild Wars 2 Wiki. Kai Nightsbane actually sounds really nice! Then, many years after his human companion had passed on, Ventari laid down beside the tree Ronan had planted, and died. Humanoid in form, plantlike in nature, they are recent arrivals in Tyria and have roamed the world for only twenty-five years. The airships crashed and burned on the outskirts of the jungle, and those sylvari who had fallen to the dragon's influence reorganised themselves as the Mordrem Guard, dedicated to spreading the dragon's influence and creating new minions. Summon Sylvan Hound: 2 180 Summon a sylvan hound to fight at your side. Then Esya is a name that is used often, and rather than trying to be the one getting that name first, I decided to add a descriptive name. If you do a little digging you will see some of the names of the sylvari are actually names of our plants or plays on them. These noble beings travel, seeking adventure and pursuing quests. Age ranges differ from race to race. I took it from the word Dealanach, which is Scottish Gaelic for lightning. But it seemed to me that sylvari should have a one-word name. If the name had been taken, I would’ve added an “of Night” to it, since it’s night-born, but luckily, I didn’t have to. I choose Aedan Nightshade with a little lore based story to go with it for fun. They also don’t have last names unless emulating humans. Selecting a sylvari character will start players off in the tutorial Fighting the Nightmare where players fight the corruption within the Dream of Dreams before awakening. As you may have guessed, I stay mostly in Air attunment. At last, old and grey, Ventari carved his life's lessons upon a marble tablet, which he placed at the base of the pale tree so that future travelers might read it and, perhaps, learn the ways of peace and harmony. The first sylvari sprouted from the Pale Tree in Arbor Bay, emerging in 1302 AE. I had to settle on Death Camas which is an old name I used years ago. My sylvari’s name is Virgo. After emergence a sylvari is guided by older sylvari to understand what they have dreamed and ensure they have a clear understanding of the tablet, their history and the world. Instead, the sylvari simply 'know' their names upon awakening, though why is never explored and the sylvari do not question why this is. During the events of All or Nothing, some Sylvari participated in the assault on Gandara and were subsequently Awakened. I felt it fits a sylvari as well, even though it does not follow the naming convention used by Anet. For inspiriation, here are some Welsh names that fit the bill rather well: Aneirin or Aneurin(Welsh for “noble”) En choisissant un personnage Sylvari, les joueurs commencent l'histoire dans le Rêve, où ils sont confrontés à une ombre dans le Rêve.
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