Iran's foreign minister, … If only one wins their Iowa race, it’s going … RealClearPolitics - Election 2020 - Iowa Senate - Ernst vs. Greenfield "We wear our masks if we can't control the crowd.". Republicans will be able to count on Ernst’s vote in the Senate for six more years, a significant stretch in a notoriously swingy state. 117 Posts. Ernst, a Trump supporter, is finding it harder to distance herself from the president. Republican Joni Ernst has beaten Democrat Theresa Greenfield in the Iowa Senate race, a huge victory for Republicans in one of the most important match-ups in determining control of the US Senate… Incumbency was a very strong thing in this state. Elaine Godfrey. The picnic came the same weekend that the White House Coronavirus Task Force sent a report to Iowa showing the state had the third-highest rate of new cases in the country. Why? Ernst is locked in a close race for reelection this fall against Democrat Theresa Greenfield. Trump has been tied or ahead in most Iowa polls, even if just by a few points. Clay Masters/Iowa Public Radio Several eastern Iowa Senate seats looked to be staying in Republican control late Tuesday night. Joni Ernst / AP Collin Anderson-November 4, 2020 12:45 AM. "We are very cautious," he said. In some respects, the Iowa campaign was a microcosm of the national campaign. Clay Masters/Iowa Public Radio In the end, it seems like some confluence of these factors was enough for Ernst to hang on to her seat. Tight race between Joni Ernst and Theresa Greenfield in Iowa could determine balance of power in the Senate Published Sat, Oct 10 2020 7:00 AM EDT Lauren Feiner @lauren_feiner The Iowa Senate race has emerged as a potential tipping point for the chamber: Polls show Greenfield with a narrow edge over the incumbent, and national … Venteicher says he's voting for Ernst because making sure Republicans hang onto their majority in the Senate is just as important as the presidential race. By Tuesday, Ernst’s lead dropped to a 1.4 point advantage, according to RealClearPolitics. Even after the economy recovers, advertising alone will never be enough to support it. The 2020 Iowa Senate Race in 2 Minutes At this point, we expect Donald Trump to run ahead of her, or at a minimum run even with Ernst. See our election dashboard and find your local races. Iowa Senate › Iowa District 01 › Iowa District 02 › Iowa District 03 › Iowa District 04 › Summary Data. Primaries were held on June 2. Like Biden, Greenfield ran as a relatively moderate Democrat who tried to capitalize on coronavirus failures and Ernst’s pro-Trump voting record (preelection polls showed Trump’s approval rating underwater with Iowa voters). Iowa has a history. But all of this political divisiveness concerns Iowa voter Trent Hatlen. Sign up for the Sen. Joni Ernst attends a Trump Tractor Parade and Picnic Rally in Crawford County, Iowa on Sept. 6. (RELATED: Democrats And Journalists Circulate Fake Email Saying Iowa Farm Bureau Retracted Endorsement For Joni Ernst) Republicans considered … The Iowa Senate race is among those viewed across the nation as most likely to determine which party holds the majority in the chamber. October 29, 2020, 3:49 PM. Theresa Greenfield’s strategy to defeat Joni Ernst could show Democrats how to swing rural America away from the GOP. Next month, voters in this swing state will start filling out their ballots. The Senate race in Iowa between Republican Sen. Joni Ernst and Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield remains tight, according to a new poll. More than 193,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, but Ernst said, "They're thinking there may be 10,000 or less deaths that were actually singularly COVID-19.". Between August and October, FiveThirtyEight gave Ernst slightly better than 50 percent odds to win. Hear where Sen. Joni Ernst and her challenger Theresa Greenfield stand on health care, farming and agriculture, child care and the election below. "I think Trump has divided the country so much and got his side so hateful against ours," Hatlen said. Coronavirus numbers in Iowa surged in October; by the end of the month, it had the sixth-highest per capita case count in the entire country. hide caption. DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Republican Joni Ernst won reelection to her Iowa U.S. Senate seat Tuesday after an expensive and at times bruising race against Democrat Theresa Greenfield. October 29, 2020, 3:49 PM. The most important book I’ve read this year. “Ernst has been a good soldier on the Republican side, and Greenfield has used that against her,” Karen Kedrowski, a political science professor at Iowa State University, told Vox. The 2008 United States Senate election in Iowa was held on November 4, 2008. The cost of its Senate race … Locked in a tight race for reelection, Ernst is counting on support from voters like Venteicher. Iowa is home to less than 1% of the U.S. population but is home to the second-most-expensive Senate race in U.S. history. Select a State Districts . The Iowa Medical Society said she apologized to them in a meeting, but wouldn't do it publicly.
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