The telephone number of Graz tourist information is +43 316 8075. Network tickets are valid for all means of transport in the purchased zones until the end of ticket’s period of validity. Verbund Linie operates a bus from Graz Hauptbahnhof to Semriach Hauptplatz every 3 hours, and the journey takes 39 min. These tickets are also valid for all public transport (zone 101) in Graz. Online-Ticket Hotline. Austrian Railways (ÖBB) Austria's national railway system is not only punctual, reliable and efficient, but offers free wifi to boot. However, please note that there are certain changes on some lines in the evening and on Sundays. From the stop at Graz airport you will need to walk approximately 600 metres on a roof-covered walkway. Schlossberg funicular) in Graz. Available for € 12.90 per person in our tourist information in Herrengasse 16. The Graz 72-hours ticket is the best way to explore the city. Reihe 500 Frontmitfahrt von der Straßenbahn Haltestelle Kroisbach-Mariatrost, Reihe 500 frondride from the tram station Kroisbach-Mariatrost. Therefore, you can travel all the way to the airport – you can use any ticket that is valid for Graz for the trip. Download ... Graz Linien. Travel with "The old town tram" through the town centre for free. Rome2rio makes travelling from Graz to Weiz easy. Therefore, you do not need to buy another ticket.     Lines 4 + 5: between Schloßbergplatz and Finanzamt But: You cannot use the ÖBB-IC bus or other long-distance buses, for example Flixbus etc., with a Styrian network ticket. From the stop at Graz airport you will need to walk approximately 600 metres on a … The hospital’s own city bus line stops near this Information Centre (labelled LKH in the timetable download). The stop and the timetable are directly in front of the airport terminal. Several line network maps and the zone map are available as a PDF file to help you find your way around the province. ˝˛ ˘ˇˆ The Nightlines run from Friday to Saturday night and from Saturday to Sunday night. In Graz you can buy a ticket for zone 101 in any public transport vehicle. The price applicable to your journey depends on the number of transport zones you pass through and the ticket’s period of validity. Als innovativer Dienstleister setzen die Graz Linien neben bekannten Standards wie Netzdichte, Qualität und Pünktlichkeit vor allem auf Kundenorientierung. If you change to a bus / train of another public transport company / line you do not need to buy another ticket. : +43 316 887 4224 >> Feedbackformular . You will then receive detailed travelling suggestions including a description of your journey and the relevant city map extracts. The price for a one-way trip is EURO 2.50. Please use the exit from the square in front of the train station to platform A. This zone reaches far beyond the city limits, for instance all the way to the airport. Reihe 580 Frontmitfahrt von der Straßenbahn Haltestelle Vinzenzgasse-Eggenberg, Type 580 frondride from the tram station … These tickets are also available with the Austrian Railways (ÖBB) ticket app. 29.09.2020 Graz, Graz As already reported, a @[322124651218554:274:IRIZAR] ieBus 12 has been tested on the Graz … Alternatively, you can travel from Graz main train station to Graz airport with suburban train line S5. Liebenau/MURPARK. The zones for which you have paid are printed on the ticket. Night buses. The Graz-72-hour-ticket for bus, tram, Schlossberg-funicular and Schlossberglift is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get to and visit many of the museums and sights in Graz. Thondorf.     Lines 13: between Dietrichsteinplatz and Finanzamt ... +43 50 678910 Website ... Therapeutix. On the graphic map these are identified as zones 101, 203, 304 and 407. In 2015, the population of the Graz larger urban zone (LUZ) stood at 633,168, based on principal-residence status. It is valid for 72 hours of travel from the time of validation on all public transport in Graz (fare zone 101), including the Schlossberg funicular. The cheapest way to get from Graz to Bled costs only 25€, and the quickest way takes just 2¼ hours. Link to the timetables of all lines in Graz, From Graz main train station to the city centre. Holding Graz, Graz, Austria. +43 316 887 4224. The hospital premises can be reached easily by public transport no matter which direction you come from. Choose from high-speed intercity Railjet … Diese Linie wird von der Firma Gemeinsamer Verkehr betrieben. Graz Linien-Elektrobusse (31421754196).jpg 5,378 × 3,593; 3.72 MB HGL Citaro 2 G 189 (11826613255).jpg 900 × 600; 540 KB Holding Graz 5178 (13559244583).jpg 640 × 427; 195 KB Network tickets can be passed on to another person – with the exception of six-month / twelve-month passes with photograph. To travel from Graz to Weiz, you need a ticket that covers four zones. The price applicable to your journey depends on the number of tariff zones you pass through and the ticket’s period of validity. If you use public transport, you need a valid ticket for the transport network. To travel from the airport to Graz you will need to buy either an hourly ticket (single journey) or a 24-hour ticket. Customer centre +43 50 678910 The Koralm Railway (German: Koralmbahn) is a 127 km-long double-track, electrified, high-speed railway that is under construction, and which will connect the Austrian cities of Graz and Klagenfurt.Construction started in 2001, and the entire railway line is expected to be operational by 2025. Alternatively, you can travel from Graz main train station to Graz airport with suburban train line S5. 27K likes. From many tobacconists in Graz, but only for zone 101, and in Kapfenberg, but only for zone 103 Price of monthly passes Every monthly pass that covers 16 and more zones is valid for the entire Styrian network region. : +43 316 887 4224 >> Feedbackformular . Willkommen bei der Verbund Linie. The following routes are free for passengers: Lines 1 + 7: between the stops Südtiroler Platz/Kunsthaus and Kaiser-Josef-Platz/Oper What are the advantages of network tickets? ˙ ˛ % - ˜# ! To walk to the ECML from Hotel Gollner (Schlögelgasse) or from hotels near the station takes approximately 10 minutes. This means that you do not need to buy another ticket to continue your trip with an urban line. Urban transport (city) lines in Graz, Leoben/Trofaiach, Bruck/Kapfenberg, Aichfeld and Kindberg have single digit or two-digit line numbers (e.g.
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