I defaulted them all and restored my custom buttons but now the hover transition is choppy and does not animate smoothly. I got all excited and went to implement this on my site and could not find any of these effects. Brilliant! So frustrating–what am I doing wrong? Great new feature… Any news on Dynamic Content feature? Unfortunately I normally use the back-end builder which I gather does not have the new features so I will have to switch to the front end to complete a new build. – Transform Options Excited about the new options, updated my theme, and now my site seems to be fried..the dreaded 500 error. Lush big-screen multimedia is aesthetically compelling, but unfortunately less and less relevant. We sincerely appreciate the effort and look forward to the endless possibilities in using this tool to create a better experience for our customers. Column Structure, Shape Divider & Hover Options are some of the long waiting functions. Thanks Everyone!!! That is just sad. I decided on Divi because my clients needed to be able to update universal info and Divi’s global modules seemed the perfect answer. And I have the latest versions of Divi, so not sure what is happening here. – Gutenberg editor styles support in the Divi theme: the recent 3.8 release of Gutenberg made it much easier for themes to style the Gutenberg editor to look like the front-end, and it would be really neat if the Divi theme utilized this to make the Gutenberg experience in the Divi theme more WYSIWYG. Awesome. With over 600.000 downloads, Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world. Column 2 Background: Otherwise ALL those settings are lost, where as adding CSS can be easily saved to a text document for Child Theme. When I used Divi 4 years before done more that 50 sites and recommended to many clients due to speed all other templates from themeforest was struggling with speed and I comapre with divi. Nice feature, we will experiment on that and hopefully will allow us to avoid many customization written directly into CSS and use Divi built-in editor instead. This is fantastic! And, CPT templates that make the need for a metabox of custom fields unnecessary for basic configurations. This is cool. Hello Nick, Hope you will lookinto this and work on old divi where speed was best .Old divi had enough features and speed was preety good infact was best while I compared with more than 20 templates. At line 19, 20 and 21 you can insert the same URL’s that you did previous. So, how I laughed at this Gutenberg presentation, when they were bleeting on about inserting mods and how some advanced devs are already coming up with customisations and layouts…, And how I enjoyed asking questions like: Congrats, it looks amazing. The possibilities are endless. I have new updated divi but i don’t see any moouse pointer or something which can point me to hover effects. Create an image hover swap for Divi. This is AWESOME! Nice. You’ll need to now add-in an image background (to both hovered and non-hovered states) and apply any gradients while you’re at it, and then you can also remove … This is a great update! If new features are ONLY added to the FEB and indeed removed from the BEB then users with 3rd party modules are kinda screwed. Some other notes: Magnifique!! And I’m not exagerating! Right now it looks like Dynamic Content is the most likely next update. It doesn’t have to go directly over the image. – – Theme Builder Yes yes, YES! Just wish you added hover effects to animations. You can only set the transition duration, delay, and speed curve. Preview Your Designs On Different Devices And Customize Your View Modes When will the backend builder be fixed? I’ve been anxiously awaiting this feature! If you use one of our affilite links below, we may earn a small share of the revenue. I have been trying to do this for a while and it was super complicated before this update but now it looks really easy! – It would also be really nice if Divi users could somehow contribute code to Divi. The error would be logged in your error log. Thank you! One request to Nick Roach (since you already have teased us in May) please bring the theme builder option asap. It’s like watching a child grow up to be a rockstar. Login webshop Login membership Login affiliates. While these are amazing and surely long awaited features, what I now have a concern with is how do you backup and save all these settings without have to save each page as a template. But we will start with building the section, row and modules first. But there are options not available. I was hoping we would get the ability to change “text” on hover, especially for the “Button” module. Hey there. This effect uses the Divi Image & Call to Action modules. Try Out The Drag & Drop Page Builder for FREE! – Quick Actions. There should be a way just like Theme Options and Customization Settings to to export all pages without have to save them to the library OR for the pre existing pages (just like loading a saved layout) will be available in the Divi Library to be exported. Thanks and once again great work ET. I feel my CSS skills atrophying. Would it work to have one image as the background with the “real” image opacity set to 0% and then hover could change the opacity to 100%, showing the “sawped” image. Well, this comment from Nick on the Bulk Editing update blog post helps narrow it down a lot: (In response to a question about when Theme Builder is coming. – Global Presets (not yet officially sneak-peeked; mentioned in comments). Updated Divi theme & builder but no sign of this new features??? We upgraded and boom, everything works flawlessly. And now, i’m waiting Dynamic field and theme builder features… . Then view in wireframe mode and then you can see module names. WHAT ABOUT MENU HOVER OPTIONS (and current section on menu)? Why is it that we can’t have the HOVER options from the modify a page ? Can you trigger the hover effect in one module from hovering in another? It looks like it only works when you change it from within the library. I really was just looking whole day today for having some hover effects and now you just released it on the same day. Their information requirements are connected directly to time. Divi Theme Image To Text On Hover. This is a wonderful feature and I can’t wait to use it! Or do you have to do each colour, text size, background etc item one at a time? This is an amazing new feature. Another blow to backend users. Lean, clean and fast loading websites (that actually do something) is paramount to ranking. I prefer touse the “Modify a page” mode. Hover Over Image. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. We are not aware of any issues with the Button module in the Hover Options update. Amazing… I’m just frustrated to don’t have all that options in Woocommerce pages and elements. Upload 3 images in your media library that you want to see when you hover over a column. Sorry to hear that Sally. Knowing how to modify a rollover image can be useful for any type of website you are working on. Really looking forward to how designs and interactions will evolve as a result. Its very frustrating and I love divi and all new stuff but this should be fixed. Love your guys’ drive for excellence. Thank you for your support. Bloody amazing guys! Those who have time to invest are looking for detail. Divi Academy Membership gives you exclusive access to over 110 resources, including child themes, layouts, cheatsheets, tutorials, live training and member perks.
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