Taking a look around a VW T6 off-road camper conversion by Rolling Homes - VW Associated This could be a great place for your camping cups and plates, and directly above the fridge is a small pull-out drawer unit that is perfectly sized for all of your cutlery. The contemporary VW T6 and T6.1 as one would expect offers the very best in comfort and convenience, especially evident in the California edition. The front passenger chair swivels around to face to the rear seating area, where a removable table can be fitted into place for when it’s mealtime, games-time, or even just ‘stick your feet up and have a look out the window’ time. The colour scheme inside each camper compliments the colour of the vehicle on the outside with authentic VW fabrics being used to upholster all of the seats inside. All of the furniture that Autohaus produce is built by a team of in-house carpenters and cut to size using computer-controlled cut-bots that remove any chance of human error from the equation. Each Reimo front elevating roof is matched to the exterior colour of the vehicle. Unlike other, sub-standard brands of folding beds that just use one type of foam throughout, these beds have separate sleeping and sitting surfaces, allowing for even wear over the lifetime of the product and a comfortable nights sleep that will leave you wishing your bed at home felt like this too. For people who drive on big city streets today and off-road tomorrow, Volkswagen offers the ideal all-wheel drive vehicles. Only 2 Weeks Left To Enter For Chance To Win Ultimate Tesla Model X, Audi RS6 Battles RS Q8 In Three Wagon-Versus-SUV Drag Races. Classified Ad. München/Unterumbach, September 2020. Living in a van is a pretty bold thing to do, so you might as well go with a bold colour choice to let people know that you’re coming. FWC campers are designed to be rugged, lightweight and functional for the serious off-road and on-road camping enthusiasts. Share on Facebook. See more ideas about Camper, Van camping, Camper interior. Source: We love the orange exterior on this VW T6.1 camper conversion, but for those of you that are afraid of the sun or just don’t like bright things (commonly known as ‘Reverse Magpie-itis’ amongst medical professionals), then Autohaus can provide you with a range of colours for your future camper conversion, including two shades of grey, black, white, blue, and lime green. VW unveiled the mildly refreshed T6.1 in 2019, and the updated version of the California camper debuted a few months later. And besides; if you’re a kid, then a pop-top roof would definitely beat a tent any day of the week! Speaking of storage, the Ashton VW T6.1 camper has tonnes of it, with eight cupboards at your disposal to fill with all of your dry foods, tins, snacks, books, and other digital nomad gadgets that you might need to bring with you on the road. It all certainly looks very impressive, and each piece helps to create a unique layout designed to maximise space when the camper is in both day and night modes. Ab Herbst 2019 ist der Teilintegrierte mit separatem Bad bestellbar. The tweaks included small touched like LED headlights, a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster, and 9.2-inch infotainment display. It is destined to travel the most unbelievable terrain. Rundum-sorglos-Camper: VW T6 California Gebrauchtwagen. For individualists who are in a tireless search for freedom and adventure, we open up their skills in new undreamt-of dimensions. You can find out more about the Ashton and other camper conversion models over on the Autohaus website! A new generation of the Transporter is currently under development. While the outside of the build is undoubtedly impressive, it’s the inside where the magic happens and where you can start to appreciate just how much the Autohaus team care about attention to detail. All of the windows come with blackout blinds to stop that pesky sun from peeping in under your lids in a morning, and the LED lighting provides a soft glow for reading or tackling the Guardian crossword before bed. Four Wheel Camper Models. Some of the campervan conversions that we cover here at Van Clan fall short of the mark when it comes to the craftsmanship of the furniture inside the van; a.k.a the bits that you’re going to be using day-in-day-out and that need to both look good and last the test of time. Turtleback campers and trailers are some of the best in the game and this … There is also underbody protection available to gaurd the differential and fuel tank. A quick look at the CarSales website today (15 June 17) shows at least three brand new 2017-model T6 4-Motion Transporters in stock with VW dealers in their yards – one in Perth, one in Melbourne and one in Brisbane. Spy shots show that the van has some big design changes by adopting an additional pillar to create a tiny window between the windshield and front door. This is a handy little storage area that could be perfect for shoes, games, or winter clothes that you just want to store inside your van all year round should the elements change and suddenly surprise you. We decided to pay the team a visit down in Somerset so that we could check this stunning VW T6.1 camper conversion out in person, and it did not disappoint. For gaurding the exterior, there's a brush bar that runs from underneath the body to the front bumper. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 400 Nutzer auf Pinterest. And to finish, the best news; this high end off road conversion is also possible for the T6 and the T6.1 without the California equipment and without four-wheel drive. T6 camper for sale VOLTSWAGON transporter camper T6, new conversion, Swb, 2016. The vehicle rides on a version of VW's MQB architecture. This… If you want it strong and light, it won’t be cheap. If you’re looking for a smaller camper that you can use for anything from day trips to the beach to long breaks in the wilderness, then the Ashton VW T6.1 camper conversion is the perfect fit. As an option, buyers can add a pair of LED lamps.
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