Highways) is an integrated network of roads and highways numbered within a nationwide grid in the contiguous United States. US-Bestsellers-Books-USAToday. US 60's violation of two of the conventions would prove to be one of the major sticking points; US 60 eventually was designated as US 66 in 1926, and later it became a part of popular culture. Generally, most north-to-south highways are odd-numbered, with the lowest numbers in the east, and the highest in the west. Tennessee | Die United States Highways werden ebenso wie die State Highways durch den jeweiligen Bundesstaat finanziert. As the designation and numbering of these highways were coordinated among the states, they are sometimes called Federal Highways, but the roadways were built and have always been maintained by state or local governments since their initial designation in 1926. AASHTO is in the process of eliminating all intrastate U.S. They received complaints from across the country about the assignment of routes, so the board made several modifications; the U.S. Highway System was approved on November 11, 1926. It runs from Interstate 5 in San Juan Capistrano in Orange County to the city limits of Palm Desert in Riverside County. The Associated Press. 95  •  Beispielsweise ermöglicht das System der Interstate Highways die rasche Evakuierung von Großstädten im Fall eines drohenden Atomkrieges oder einer drohenden Naturkatastrophe. The New York Times wrote, "The traveler may shed tears as he drives the Lincoln Highway or dream dreams as he speeds over the Jefferson Highway, but how can he get a 'kick' out of 46, 55 or 33 or 21? Der Bundesstaat Montana schaffte das Tempolimit auf Interstate Highways ab und forderte die Autofahrer zu „umsichtiger und vernünftiger“ Fahrweise auf. 25  •  75  •  16  •  Im Katastrophenfall werden alle Fahrspuren, inklusive die der Gegenfahrbahn, zur Evakuierung der Bevölkerung freigegeben. 121 km/h). energy ministry; Fort St. John ranger comes to the rescue of stranded American family; … In 1925, the Joint Board on Interstate Highways, recommended by the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO), worked to form a national numbering system to rationalize the roads. Highways. Routes do not have a minimum design standard, unlike the later Interstate Highways, and are not usually built to freeway standards. Die Städte selbst hätten dieses Netz dann an ihre Straßen anbinden sollen. Das Streckennetz der Interstate Highways hatte im Jahr 2016 eine Länge von 77.556 Kilometern (48.191 Meilen). Помош за пристапност. Andere Straßen wurden nach der Beschilderung benannt, beispielsweise Black Diamond Highway oder Red Arrow Highway. 94  •  [3], Except for toll bridges and tunnels, very few U.S. [c] Usually, one- and two-digit routes are major routes, and three-digit routes are numbered as shorter spur routes from a main route. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. Some two-digit numbers have never been applied to any U.S. Route, including 39, 47, 86 and 88. 99, U.S. Department of Transportation: Highway Statistics 2018, What the Interstate Highway System Should Have Looked Like, 1st toll project proposed for I-20 east Plan would add lanes outside I-285, Vorlage:Webachiv/IABot/www.dot.state.ga.us, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Interstate_Highway&oldid=204588845, Wikipedia:Defekte Weblinks/Ungeprüfte Archivlinks 2018-04, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. speed limit. In 1952, AASHO permanently recognized the splits in US 11,[12] US 19, US 25, US 31, US 45, US 49, US 73, and US 99. Identification of these main roads was completed in 1923. 40  •  For other numbered highways in the United States, see. 44  •  83  •  82  •  Autobahnringe um größere Städte beginnen oft mit einer geraden Ziffer, Zubringerstrecken hingegen mit einer ungeraden Ziffer. Most commonly used one- or two-digit variant, standard shield on a black square, Three-digit variant, square proportions and thin font, Three-digit variant, rectangular proportions and standard font, California variant, with US at top and black outline, Historic design, with state name and US on shield, block-style font, now retired, Alternate route, with full-size letter suffix, Alternate route, with hyphen and full-size letter suffix, Bypass route, with "BY-PASS" written in the shield, Alternate route, with "ALT" written in the shield, Alternate route, with "ALT" written in a banner above shield, Business route, with "BUSINESS" written in a banner above shield, Since 1926, some divided routes were designated to serve related areas, and designate roughly-equivalent splits of routes. AASHO described its renumbering concept in the October 1934 issue of American Highways:[12], "Wherever an alternate route is not suitable for its own unique two-digit designation, standard procedure assigns the unqualified number to the older or shorter route, while the other route uses the same number marked by a standard strip above its shield carrying the word 'Alternate'. Many states agreed in general with the scope of the system, but believed the Midwest to have added too many routes to the system. 57  •  The Autobahn - Maximum speed tracks made in Germany. The committee came up with a range of proposals, from a quota for e-cars to a hike in fuel taxes. Examples can be found in California, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oregon, and Tennessee. 80  •  Buy images Sell images. Despite the Interstate System, U.S. Ebenso gilt in einigen Bundesstaaten nachts ein niedrigeres Tempolimit als tagsüber. 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