For full time living on the road, it would most certainly be the LT for me. Installation instructions: Spring The spring is factory from 1 mm thick spring steel. Thanks =JAH JCC, Hi, I’m due to veiw a 1994 T4 with a 2.4 diesel engine. If you still need answers, email me and I can give you the number. The Volkswagen T4 Transporter was the first VW bus to have the engine at the front driving the front wheels. Brakes While there are no real problems so to speak of on the T4, a regular brake check over of the hydraulic pipes and hoses, brake pads, brake discs etc. Suspension/steering If you are experiencing uneven tyre wear it could be down to several factors, or a mixture of a few! My reason for saying this is that my steering fluid has been leaking and after two new steering rack this is still the case. Going to buy a t4 Motorhome 2.4D 25000 miles. New listing VW T4 2,4 2,5 Syncro stainless steel centre and rear exhaust silencer box x* Brand new. 345k km and still going strong like ever. How to decipher your VW Beetle engine and chassis numbers. Without intact spring, the locking knob for light vibrations (eg. I would suggest getting checked out properly though as there is always a chance there is something serious going on but usually bad wiring or a faulty pressure switch can be to blame! Le reste est impeccable. Buy your Vw T4 Syncro used safely with Reezocar and find the best price thanks to our millions of ads. I have a 1993 Eurovan MV which I purchased brand new ( 2.5 AT)…it now has just turned 100,000 K miles and still runs well but has seemed to have lost its’ heat. So what is DOP? Either way, there’s plenty to commend the hard as nails T4 produced from 1990 to 2003 – so whether you want one as a weekend plaything, a daily driver or a cool toy to modify to your heart’s content, you won’t be disappointed. Because the T4 has a hydraulic clutch, check for fluid leaks around the pedal box. The lock button when unlocked door in the top holds the position. To test the low pressure sensor (sensor for this is on the cylinder head): 1. Electrical; Mechanical; Interior; Everything else; Contact Me; UK to Switzerland in a day for the Tour de France. Přestavba VW T4 Syncro a kompletní výbava interiéru i exteriéru . Knocks or clunks on rough road surfaces will usually indicate worn bottom or top ball joints, drop links or anti-roll bar bushes. Car available without delay. In den Baujahren um 2ooo herum, wurde von Volkswagen ab Werk die elektronische Differentialsperre eingeführt. This is done via the instrument panel which uses the ‘w’ terminal on the alternator to measure engine RPM and two switches – one on the head – It is normally closed and opens at (I think) ~0.3 bar .. and one on the oil filter housing – this is normally open and closes at a fairly high pressure depending on engine type (1.4 bar for normally aspirated diesels and some TDs, and 1.9 bar for MK3 tdi (again – I think))…. My problem was a bit intermittent. 1986 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper w/ 14k On Engine - $40k In Reno, NV; 1986 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia w/ 2.2L Subaru - $30k in Chico, CA; 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper w/ 120k Miles - $31k in Orange County, CA; 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia w/ New 2.1L GoWesty Engine - $40k in Glenwood Springs, CO 2.8 vr6 T4 97 plate need injector new or used To test the high pressure sensor circuit and wiring (sensor for this is on the oil filter housing): 1. Manual Diesel 1992 67,000 KM. If a van pulls up to one side, suspect a seized rear caliper. Make sure everything works as it should because trying to diagnose electrical niggles can be time consuming and problems expensive to put right. Firstly do a visual inspection by having a good look in the engine bay. Known sometimes as T4a and T4b respectively. Vw t4 syncro registry. Diesels: 1.9D, 1.9TD and the 2.4D along with range toping 2.5 five-cylinder TDi units which initially produced 88bhp (with with blue ‘i’ badge), rising to 102 from 1995 (here with the ‘i’ in silver) and a stonking 151bhp from 1998, but only on German vans with the ‘i’ appearing in red. Here’s our at-a-glance guide to buying one…, Body types Your email address will not be published. You can use the pen but by a self bebastelte spring (eg from a ballpoint pen or the pen of a key ring) to replace it. Pre-Owned. This post is also available in: VW T4 Syncro als Fernreisemobil I 4x4 Passion #120 - YouTube Or where I could send my pump to be reconditioned where they do a gd job and priced fairly many thanks haydn in wales. Thanks Andy for your additional tips on where to check. A flashing oil light at all engine speeds (and without buzzer above 2k RPM) is indicative of a missing engine speed signal (alternator ‘w’ terminal) – check to make sure that the instrument cluster is getting the correct engine speed signal from the w terminal of the alternator. The high pressure has a yellow wire, the low pressure has a blue and black wire. It should be noted that VW abandoned DOP on later vehicles after about 2000/2001, and also on later (1999 onwards) 2.5TDi T4’s. Sold it to a friend with 150k on it, as far as I’m aware it’s still going no dramas apart from a starter motor at 200k. head. Door Lock Problems A common problem with the T4 central locking is the breaking of the spring in the lock. VW Bus T4 Syncro Kaufberatung. VW T4 Syncro & Van Life. I have a 2001 2.5 AJT engine and can check oil, ensure bonnet switch is reset (press it a couple of times before closing the bonnet) and set off wherever, after 60 miles I get the warning buzzer and solid amber oil light. I would sugest getting faults read could have a temp sensor reading wrong or somthing, hi everybody i have a 2001 vw t4 2.4 D and i have the same problem with beeping and flashing light,i have replaced the oil sensor at the front of the block its brown with a yellow wire, i dont have a sensor on the oil filter and i cant find any low preasure sensor on the head mine kicks off over 2000rpm weather its hot or cold makes no difference, its head wrecking stuff mine has 247,000 miles on the clock and runs like a dream. These guys are the experts and they know so much about these engines, if they don’t know the answer, they’ll know somebody that does and maybe able to help you with yours. VW T2, Bay Window ARB 2500mm x 2500mm Awning With CVC Fitting Kit. Fits Ford Mustang 2001-2004 with 4.6 Liter engines only. The sliding mechanism for the side door should be smooth and even; if the top rail is worn, the door can drop out so lift the door up and down to check for any play. The oil pressure warning system is quite an over complicated affair which uses low and high engine speeds (worked out from the alternator) and low and high oil pressure sensors on the engine! Inner wings, chassis and floorpan. Disconnect the wire to the sensor and leave it float. However after digging the archives on this subject, nobody who posted seemed to have already converted, or had … The combination of thin oil and worn main bearings means that the oil pressure is marginal at lower RPM where the oil pump is not spinning as fast at idle speeds as it does when driving. Although this could be initially be a worrying light to see flashing on your T4, don’t panic. Español (Spanish). The lock button when unlocked door in the top holds the position. Markedly different from its forebears the T4 is front engined, front wheel drive and all of its engines are water-cooled. Listen for groans or other nasty noises as you turn from lock to lock and check the fluid to ensure there’s been no leaks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Angela, the 2.4 can suffer from head gasket issues, and as it is non-turbo can feel a bit sluggish, especially with a high top and a full camping interior. Hi everyone I got a t4 1.9 td vw van year 2001. The following picture shows one of a pen of a key ring made of spring with a diameter of about 13 mm. While I don’t have a T3, I have a couple T4 Syncros and the SWB T4 compares to a T3 in size. Dodgy synchros or cars that jump out of gear. Pick up, either double (based on the LWB chassis, called ‘Doka’) or single cab. ?waiting for ur resonse,or you can call 08170146977,am Bright..Thanks in advance. $ 495.15; VW T25 T3 Vanagon ARB 2500mm x 2500mm Awning With CVC Fitting Kit. Electrics/Interior Your email address will not be published. Uneven tyre wear indicates tired suspension bushes or a van that’s had its geometry put out by a smash. Nose, either long or short, the long nose appearing in 1996.
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